Appalachian State University NC

Boone, NC is reputably known as a college town -thought it’s much more than that- thanks to the established Appalachian State University NC that is nestled within the Blue Ridge Mountains. With its awards and recognitions, small class size, breathtaking location, valuable academic environment, and a strong sense of community, it’s no wonder App State enrolls about 17,000 students and is semi-responsible for putting this place on the map. Not to mention, Appalachian State University sports are celebrated throughout the country and attract thousands of fans, visitors, and even tourists.

Students come from across the nation aspiring to get that prestigious degree and ultimately become a ‘Mountaineer’ alum. From living in the dorms and student housing, to living off-campus in a house or apartment, it is all part of the journey. Finding apartments in Boone, NC can be difficult, especially the right one that fits your wants and needs. New River Farms Apartments is a commendable choice for student housing, so be sure to see what we offer. With a centered location, and several units to choose from, we’re a great alternative to ASU student housing.

No matter what attracts you to western North Carolina and one of its esteemed universities, whether it’s Appalachian State University athletics or Appalachian State University academics, we have what will keep you here – your home away from home. Our apartments are, of course, close to the school, close to all of the restaurants in Boone NC, and close to all of the nearby shopping. What’s more is that you won’t have to worry about the hassle of even an Appalachian State University private dorm room. You can still have the convenience of leaving a few minutes before class, but with more privacy, more independence, and the ability to really experience Boone, NC, instead of feeling sheltered by and cooped up in the campus.

If you’re looking for student housing options in Boone NC or near App State, contact New River Farms Apartments today.